Run For Life - All Life is Precious
The Run For Life is an annual event during which a relay team runs more than 350 miles from Homestead to St. Augustine in 9 days. Along the way they raise money for , crisis pregnancy centers and maternity for expectant mothers
throughout Florida who have
                          no where else to go.
This Saturday, April 21st, we are having a fundraising dinner at the Moose Lodge in Homestead, FL.
The Novena is here. The Run team prays this every day. Please pray with them and for them during the
9 days of the Run.
To The Faithful
        God has laid a righteous and narrow path chiseled by the haste of the runners' end one man's tierney against another. There can be no rest, there can be no time lost, for the future of who we are and what is God's gift of life slips through our very fingers at each death, of each child murdered by those who have circum to the idolatry of greed, self indulgence, and human sacrifice, as it is what their idol asks of them. We bare the cross, not in the saving of life for God prevails over the innocent, but we do so to save the sinful, the unjust, those who walk in death towards the eternity of hell. It is the lost sheep that God asks us to save and it is who we seek to save in our prayers and our sacrifice. We do this not as we as humanity would do, but we do this as God has brought us to do, here in this time at this moment. We are indeed the apostles of this time. Our armor tested in the fire of time, our shields blessed in baptism of Christ and our swords are swift as the words of the Holy Gospel and they will carry us through the nine days of this NOVENA with great resolve. We must bear the cross that has been placed before us. But we choose to do so willingly without a whimper or the cry of pain for we know God's love is with us always and we are prepared for battle and His will prevails.
Deacon Ed Wolff
runner & member of the Run For Life team
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